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Because you might be a ...


... spending too much
time asking questions and searching for answers
... struggling to analyze data, across multiple projects and vessels

... or a VESSEL 

... having too much
information to collect, manage and process
... trying to
evaluate the scale
of a problem
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How can our tools help you?

We structure the data in a searchable database and sync the data shoreside to give all users real time access.

Kristian Kjelstad


How can our tools help you?

Through automated­ imports and flexible ­templates, we create a system for one-click reports.

Joe Phillips


How can our tools help you?

Our GM system helps you to standardise all of your operational categories, allowing you to collate data across multiple projects.

Kristian Kjelstad


How can our tools help you?

Our QC Analytics module uses a traffic light system to automate traditionally time consuming work.

Joe Phillips


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MultiSeis is now Havian

The offshore-world is changing and so is MultiSeis. Our strategy since 2019 has been to adapt and grow the use of our software in new offshore sectors. After successful use on new project types such as sub-sea cable laying, and wind farm site surveys, we believe now is the right time to change our name. Hav, the Norwegian word for ocean, reflects the broader offshore market we now serve. We are very proud to present our new logo and with that a new visual identity and website.

Let us give you a System Overview

How does it work and how
are the tools connected?

System overview

Do you know about our
QC Analytics module?

Developed from the ground up in 2020, our QC Analytics module is flexible and powerful to cope with the demands of modern marine seismic QC. The automated import procedures handle all modern industry formats, as well as custom attribute files which vary from boat to boat.

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Desktop application

A powerful and collaborative desktop application used by offshore crews and onshore support staff to manage project data and generate reports.

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Web application

A web portal to get at the data and statistics you need quickly. Easily filter your global database by vessel, project or date.

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What our clients say about us

Havian have optimized our operational production and performance statistic collection, and are collaborating to fully automate our regular stakeholder reporting requirements. Their intuitive tool allows for easy filtering, benchmarking and analysis across our projects and vessels on one platform.
More than 200 people have access to Global Manager, every role from the CEO to the supervisors
For the past 12 years we have utilized Havian as an integral part of our seismic acquisition, providing our onshore team and clients access to tracking, reporting and QC, as well as the ability to extract essential information from historical surveys.
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