Global Manager
Shoreside Web App

We’ve been synchronising project data since 2007 using our in-house developed system. Global Manager is the friendly face to the Havian system, giving easy and quick access to all your company data through your web browser using charts, tables and maps.

Use the company menu to see all of your company project data aggregated. Use the vessel menu to track the performance of a single vessel over multiple projects. Use the project menu for the highest level of detail on a single project.

Read how Shearwater GeoServices use Global Manager to manage their fleet of vessels.

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Access to your projects in Global Manager is for the duration of the project, or in perpetuity, depending on your plan.

More than 200 people have access to Global Manager, every role from the CEO to the supervisors
I have to say the link from production to timing is excellent. It's a hell of a good program you have going, well done.
Thanks you all for the support and the way you managed to adapt to the 3 vessel scenario. The system has proven extremely robust.