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Our commitments to client led development and round the clock product support have resulted in a highly loyal and constantly expanding client base.

With around 20 site surveys each year, it is now very quick and easy to retrieve information from Havian, both internally and for partners.
Having statistics in the browser is much more dynamic than just having reports. I use it in the close out meetings with our executive vice presidents.
More than 200 people have access to Global Manager, every role from the CEO to the supervisors.
For the past 12 years we have utilized MultiSeis as an integral part of our seismic acquisition, providing our onshore team and clients access to tracking, reporting and QC, as well as the ability to extract essential information from historical surveys. Very satisfied with the support MultiSeis provide.
The ability to filter the maps by specific timing events is so powerful.
After one year using Havian on our site surveys, we are very satisfied with the possibility to extract all types of statistics that one could want. It has made our working day much easier.
An Industry standard, easy to use and in-depth extraction of statistics.
Often clients come with different requirements of how they want the data displayed or filtered, and with your templates there is such a great selection of report blocks, and flexible options, I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t add the data in the way they wanted to the report.
The link from production to timing is excellent. It's a hell of a good program you have going, well done.
Thanks you all for the support and the way you managed to adapt to the 3 vessel scenario. The system has proven extremely robust.

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We form long lasting relationship with our clients. Visit our articles area to read some in depth interviews we’ve had with our clients about their experience of using our software, and working with the Havian team.

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