Meet the Havian Team

Our team currently operate from offices in London and Norwich (United Kingdom) and Trondheim  (Norway). We’re a friendly bunch, so do not hesitate to get in touch for a demo or just a chat about how we can help you.

Joe Phillips

CEO & Owner

Joe is the primary contact for new clients

Joe joined the Havian team shortly after graduating from the University of Oxford with a masters in Physics. He spent his first few years developing his coding ability, meeting clients and getting hands on experience offshore. In 2020 he managed the merger between MultiPlot and MultiSeis, and more recently the re-naming of the company to Havian. Joe is based in London.

Arild Ofstad


Arild can help you with anything

Arild joined Havian in 2023, as our first ever dedicated client relationship manager. Arild has worked as a senior manager for most of his life, in varied sectors such as education and fisheries. He’s a top class listener and organiser, who is passionate about helping clients get the most out of Havian. Get in touch with him to share ideas, or to find out more about our features. Arild is based in Trondheim.

Paul Cook

Developer & Software Support

Paul is a Project Manager developer

Paul joined us in 2011 and has 15 years of coding experience, creating technically challenging gaming software. He is a very capable and versatile addition to our team having learnt good coding practice from technical online references. Paul is primarily involved in development & support of the Project Manager. Paul is based in Norfolk (UK).

Pamela Boulton

Software Support & Invoicing

Pam is involved with project setup and invoicing

Pamela joined the team early in 2008 following 4 years experience as an administrator. Pam fitted into the team very well indeed, her administrative thoroughness was just what was required within a team of programmers where admin was a weak- ness. Pam has Level 1 and 2 certificates in manual and computerised book-keeping, along with an ICB Diploma in Payroll management. Pam has been very much part time since 2012 after starting a family but has continued to give good value. Assisting Debs with accounts and keeping on top of office admin. Pamela is based in Norfolk.

Kristian Kjelstad

Global Manager Lead & Owner

Kristian is the lead developer of Global Manager

Kristian is a qualified Electronics engineer with background from the Norwegian IT industry, who began working at Havian in 2007. As a first class programmer and electronics engineer, Kristian was the main developer of the MultiSeis Live, the precursor to the Global Manager. Kristian is based in Trondheim.

Lars Grønning

Project Manager Lead & Owner

Lars is the lead developer of Project Manager

Lars is a first class software engineer with a long experience in the Norwegian IT industry, who joined our team in in 2008. He quickly made himself an invaluable member of the team, as the main driving force behind the development of the Project Manager. Lars is based in Trondheim.

Jens Kjetil Mehammer


Jens is a Global Manager developer

Jens first started work as an electrician and worked for 8 years in a number of offshore projects such as Gullfaks, Snorre and Troll, before the start of an IT education at university. Jens has been working with Havian since 2012, and is currently working closely with Kristian on the development of the Global Manager. Jens is based in Trondheim.

Debbie Haynes


Debbie manages our accounts and other general adminstration

Joining Havian in November 2015, Debbie has worked in administration and payroll since 1989, working for a major insurance company, a probation service & a facilities management company. Debbie joined us during a difficult administrative period, slotting in seamlessly and played a major role in helping us through that period particularly with our accounts. Debbie is based in London.

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