System Overview

Our two part system, connected by the Havian cloud

Offshore professionals use Project Manager (PM) to contribute to a shared project database using your company’s standardised categories. Shoreside managers use the Global Manager (GM) web application to view and aggregate data from all of their company’s projects. The Havian system is fully customisable to your company or industry’s reporting standards, and is currently being used on project types such as marine seismic, wind farm site surveys and cable laying.

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Read more about PM and GM

Desktop Application

A powerful and collaborative desktop application used by offshore professionals to manage project data and generate reports.

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Read more about PM and GM

Web application

A web portal to get at the data and statistics you need quickly. Easily filter your global database by vessel, project or date.

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Having statistics in the browser is much more dynamic than just having reports. I use it in the close out meetings with our executive vice presidents.
For the past 12 years we have utilized MultiSeis as an integral part of our seismic acquisition, providing our onshore team and clients access to tracking, reporting and QC, as well as the ability to extract essential information from historical surveys. Very satisfied with the support MultiSeis provide.
The ability to filter the maps by specific timing events is so powerful.
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